Monday 6th July 2015

Network Network Interruption

Unconfirmed connectivity issues reported.

  • Update (12:56): Some customers have reported connectivity issues to their stores. There is no known issue within the Sonassi internal or external network. We are currently investigating possible global internet issues (peripheral to Sonassi).
  • Update (13:15): We are unable to replicate any fault from any monitoring nodes, however we still conducting tests and collecting customer information.
  • Update (13:30): No further updates.
  • Update (13:45): Unable to reproduce this issue, we are still collecting information from customers to ascertain what the commonality is in requests (ie. a failing intermediary ISP). Investigations are still continuing.
  • Update (14:00): Issue deemed unreproducable/localised to an isolated group of customers. No further action will be taken. Fault downgraded from high to low.


Our report from the incident is as follows.


A very small number of customers reported connectivity issues, this was unreproduceable and unconfirmed by our network team.

Outage Length

No outage.

Underlying cause

We collected several traceroutes from customers, observing both the forward and reverse path to ascertain what commonality may have existed. However, no single cause could be identified


Customers reported slow page load times and general difficulty connecting to their stores.


No action was taken by our team. We had 5 isolated reports from customers, which lead us to create a network alert in case of a network-wide event. It is our policy that after 5 isolated reports, we put out an un-confirmed notification whilst we investigate.

As we were unable to identify any fault, the issue can only be attributed to an unknown larger internet congestion issue.