Wednesday 6th December 2023

Network Network issue

07:42 - Engineers are investigating an issue impacting some customers. Updates will be posted here with more information when available.

08:14 - Our network engineers are working alongside our onsite teams and hope to have full connectivity reinstated shortly.

08:16 - Connectivity has been reinstated. We are still investigating root cause and checking full resiliency is back in place.

11:15 - Connectivity has remained stable but full resiliency is yet to be reinstated. There are planned emergency works to replace a switch this afternoon to fully reinstate resiliency. More information and communications will be forthcoming once a plan is finalised and booked in with our engineers.

15:45 - In order to fully reinstate resiliency to those impacted by this mornings outage. We will be commencing a switch replacement shortly. During this window all services impacted are deemed "at risk" although we do not expect an impact to services. This is an emergency change which is essential to bring full resiliency back online. We will update this status when the work has been completed.

17:30 - EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE COMPLETED - Our team has completed the emergency maintenance and have added resiliency back to the impacted part of our network. The entire platform is no longer deemed "at risk". We will make no further changes tonight and our team do not expect any further impact to your service relating to this issue. We will be in touch with more information once the full investigation begins tomorrow.