Tuesday 28th February 2012

Network Experiencing high packet loss

Connectivity was mostly restored after a few small windows of downtime, but routes are flapping at the moment.

Engineers are still working on a resolution and to identify the root issue - but at present we are awaiting updates.

What we know

The issue is outside of Sonassi Hosting’s network; our transit provider is experiencing difficulties at the data centre which is something that we cannot remedy. They have engineers on site working on a fix.

We still have 100% power and 100% cooling, as well as our internal network (from edge-in) is 100% functional, however outbound/inbound national routes are flapping.

First ever significant outage

This is our first ever significant outage in 3 years of operations and certainly not what our clients are accustomed to.

We would like to reassure all customers that we will remain available on here and Twitter (@sonassi @sonassihosting) if you want to talk to us directly.